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The Weapon of Choice Against Colds & Flu
Cold and flu season has arrived but there is still time to get prepared for the onslaught of bacteria and viruses that are just waiting to assault you. One of the best ways to be prepared is to make sure your body has enough Vitamin D.  You may have seen or heard about Vitamin D in the news lately. And that’s because medical research is showing that many Americans - young and old alike are “D” deficient.
  • Is not a vitamin but a very powerful pro-hormone. Hormones are substances made from cholesterol molecules that do specific jobs in the body.
  • Is essential for your brain, heart and gut to work well.
  • Dramatically increases the amount of naturally occurring antibiotics known as antimicrobial peptides found in the lungs and respiratory tract, immune cells and the skin.
  •  Is VITAL For lung health because Vitamin D improves your resistance to infections and improves   recovery time when you are sick with the cold or flu.
  • Vitamin D is so crucial in the fight against infections, that our immune system does not even start to attack an infection until it has sent a signal for Vitamin D to get out there first and lead the fight!!
  • More colds and flu happen during the winter because our stores of Vitamin D from the summer are depleted.
  • Must be obtained through exposure to sunlight or by eating certain foods and/or taking supplements.
  • Making Vitamin D is a complicated process and several steps are necessary before Vitamin D can actually be used by the body.
  • Only a Blood test will let you and your Doctor know if you have enough Vitamin D to improve your health.
  • The Blood test is a “25 Hydroxy (OH) Vitamin D” and the range is 30 to 100.
  • Ideally your level should be 50 or above so that there is more than enough “D” running around in your body to make you feel good!!
  • Vitamin D is VITAL to enjoying good health, so take  the time to learn more about this valuable nutrient.  There is a wonderful website by Dr. John Cannell, MD:  devoted solely to educating the public about Vitamin D.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and get your “D” Level checked!!!
*Any nutritional information provided is strictly for educational purposes.  It is not intended to heal, treat, diagnose, or cure any disease.*
The Center For Natural Health

The Center For Natural Health